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Dr. Mahdi Obeidi Biography & Books

Dr. Mahdi Obeidi

Dr. Mahdi Obeidi is an international expert on nuclear proliferation and the author of The Bomb in my Garden, the Secrets of Saddam's Mastermind. Read More
Seth Rosenfeld Biography & Books

Seth Rosenfeld

Seth Rosenfeld is an award winning investigative reporter whose debut non-fiction narrative SUBVERSIVES won multiple literary prizes. Read More
James B. Conroy Biography & Books

James B. Conroy

James B. Conroy is the author of the acclaimed Civil War narrative, OUR ONE COMMON COUNTRY: Abraham Lincoln and the Hampton Roads Peace Conference. Read More
Joan DeJean Biography & Books

Joan DeJean

Joan DeJean is an expert in 17th and 18th century France, subjects which she has taught since 1974 at Yale, Princeton and University of Pennsylvania. Read More
Carlos Eire Biography & Books

Carlos Eire

Carlos Eire is the best-selling author of the National Book Award winning memoir WAITING FOR SNOW IN HAVANA and a Professor at Yale University. Read More
Gail Collins Biography & Books

Gail Collins

Gail Collins, a best-selling author and New York Times columnist, is one of America's leading political commentators. Read More