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Marc Gillinov, M.D.

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A world-renowned heart surgeon, Dr. Marc Gillinov’s goal is to keep you out of his Cleveland Clinic operating room. After performing open-heart surgery on more than 7,000 people, ranging from Oscar-winning actors to his local barber, Dr. Gillinov now shares the secrets that will put you on the path to a long life, free of heart disease.

One of the nation’s busiest cardiac surgeons, Dr. Gillinov practices at the Cleveland Clinic, America’s #1 heart hospital. He trained in general and cardiac surgery at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. He attended medical school at Johns Hopkins, where he graduated first in his class, and did his undergraduate work at Yale University.

Over the last decade, Dr. Gillinov has taken his message of heart health on the road. He wants people to recognize two critical facts: 1) No matter who you are, heart disease is your number one health threat and 2) You control your fate.  Co-author of the book HEART 411: The Only Guide to Heart Health You’ll Ever Need, Dr. Gillinov is a weekly contributor to the Cleveland Fox News affiliate and a regular health blogger on the Huffington Post. As a speaker, he brings his inspiring, entertaining and life-saving perspectives on heart health to audiences around the country.

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an owner's guide for the heart...the book is a goldmine of information.

-Science-Based Medicine

Read the full text empowering, lifesaving primer... The book is full of interesting asides… in sum, an understandable and definitive guide by two top heart docs

- for Booklist

…a surprisingly engaging read. This book is a good choice for anyone with a heart; essential for those with heart conditions.

-Library Journal

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The book is an owner's manual for the heart, one that feels like it was written by a good friend - who has a sense of humor.

-The Cleveland Plain Dealer

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The authors efficiently render an overwhelming array of symptoms, tests, diagnoses, treatment options, diet and exercise, recommendations, drugs and supplements and prognoses associated with the top causes of death into and easy-to-use guide to preventing heart disease. A superior effort…

-Publishers Weekly

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The text is designed so readers can either drop in on a specific topic or extend their understanding by reading the entire chapter to gain the broad, contextual picture. This book is like the doctor of old – white coat, black bag, stethoscope –ready to counsel from broad experience. So listen and act.


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Two world experts in heart disease have crafted Heart 411 to serve as a blue print to put themselves out of business by guiding us to optimize our heart health. If you have a heart question, look no further.

-Mehmet Oz, M.D.

Every one of us, no matter how good we feel, faces a risk of heart disease. Heart 411 reveals the secrets you must know to ensure your heart-health.

-Ted Danson, Emmy Award and Golden Globe-winning actor

It’s rare a book so vital to health is also such an engaging and entertaining read. Heart 411 is an invaluable resource, and one that I would recommend everyone add to their reading list.

-Mary Joe Fernandez, two-time Olympic Gold Medalist and ESPN & CBS Commentator

...explains in a clear and easy way why being heart healthy is so critical to our personal lives and to the strength of the country’s finances.

-Maria Bartiromo, Anchor, CNBC


  • HEART 411: The Only Guide to Heart Health You’ll Ever Need, co-authored with Steven Nissen, M.D. (Three Rivers Press/Crown Publishing)

Speaking Topics:

  • Red Wine, Dark Chocolate and the Real Secrets to Heart Health
  • Six Secrets to Stress Reduction